Solar Applications

Solar Home Systems

Our solar systems are designed in Ghana and installed for households, corporate as well as government bodies, our home systems give the client the opportunity to generate and own electricity while saving cost in the medium to long term. our team of engineers technicians and installers are able to work in the remotest and difficult terrain are systems can be grid connected or stand alone and are also ideal for off-grid areas and in situations where the supply of electricity is erratic.


Solar Street Lighting

Wilkins designs and installs solar street lights to illuminate streets compounds football pitches and company premises. a key advantage is that it offers uninterruptible lighting for security purpose our led solar lighting is eco-friendly as it integrates solar energy and LED technology to offer clients the following features.

  • Very low power consumption
  • Eco-friendly and long lifetime
  • No underground or surface wiring
  • Lower operational and maintenance cost
  • High efficiency and low Lumen depreciation
  • Equipped with long cycle life battery
  • Wide temperature range
  • Automated intelligent control


Solar Power Panels

Wilkins provides power through the construction and operation of power plants for high energy factories, consumers and utility providers.