Responsibility for Environmental Protection.

Wilkins understands that our work impacts the environment and is committed to working with our clients and partners to promote environmental sustainability in our operations. Much of the work we perform is outdoors, and we all make decisions that affect the environment. From our everyday actions to major capital investments, we prioritize the environment around us as we make decisions. We strictly adhere to environmental rules and regulations, while safely and efficiently executing our services. We continue to use our business processes to identify and manage risks to the environment and reduce potential environmental impacts throughout the life of our assets. Wilkins maintains an industry leading reputation for environmental stewardship and is often selected for the most environmentally sensitive projects as a result.

Our Values


We will identify applicable environmental laws and regulations and implement programs, policies and procedures to assure compliance.


We will continually review our programs, policies, procedures and behaviors to identify areas in which we can improve our adherence to these principles and our commitment to the protection of the environment.


We will employ systems and procedures designed to minimize activities and conditions that pose a threat to the environment. We will strive to prevent unauthorized releases to the atmosphere, land and water. We will ensure the safe treatment and disposal of waste.


We will communicate our commitment to protecting the environment to our employees, contractors, customers and external stakeholders.

High Performance Services

Reliable Power Grid & Solar EPC Contractor in Africa

Wilkins Engineering is a recognized leader in electric utility construction providing comprehensive electrical construction services.

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