Wilkins provides an experienced technical and professional management team capable of managing transmission, substation, distribution, and in-plant electrical and instrumentation projects from concept through completion. Wilkins has a reputation for superior quality construction through hard work and intelligent innovation. The resolute commitment to safety, professional competence, and customer satisfaction sets the standard for utility, electrical, and instrumentation contractors. Our consistent record of successful projects and an honest, open manner has produced a long list of repeat customers.

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Wilkins excels in the techniques required for transmission line construction and has demonstrated that ability by completing a wide range of projects in Ghana and Sub-Saharan Africa.  With literally thousands of miles of transmission line projects completed in the last 25 years, we understand what it takes to make a project successful. Wilkins offers a broad range of construction and maintenance services for the transmission market including:

  • Line Relocations & Reconductoring
  • Wood and Steel Pole Erection
  • Foundations Installation


Wilkins has constructed and maintained overhead and underground distribution systems for numerous customers including electric-utility companies, municipalities, and cooperatives. We construct, upgrade, convert, restore, and maintain every aspect of distribution systems while focusing on system reliability.  Wilkins' dedication to safety and training has created an extremely qualified workforce with the experienced supervision and skilled manpower capable of tackling any distribution project. This combination of experience and ability enables us to assist utility clients from project concept to completion. We understand that considerable planning is necessary to manage the construction of distribution systems in terms of safety, operation, budget, environmental concerns, and possible coordination with government agencies.


Wilkins has built an industry-wide reputation as the single source solution to all substation construction and maintenance needs including estimating and support, material ordering, tracking and expediting, foundation construction, steel erection, bus work installation, and power and control cable installation. Wilkins vast experience provides exceptional value to the customer throughout a project’s life cycle. Wilkins has knowledgeable project managers, dedicated field leadership, and skilled craftspeople capable of managing a project from concept through completion. Our experienced teams utilize state-of-the-art technologies and techniques to efficiently schedule, manage quality, and ensure the safety and success of each project. Our project management team is constantly monitoring our projects to be certain that we exceed customer expectations.


The need to control and protect an electrical system is very vital. Our unparalleled expertise has elevated as the best in the system control and protection arena. We have led and assisted several projects that require LV & HV panels.  Switchgears are utilized both to de-energize equipment to permit work to be performed and to clear errors downstream. Some of our services include;

  • Supervision of incoming / outgoing cable connections
  • Insulation level testing
  • Setting of device parameters for Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters and Feeders
  • Operation of devices Circuit Breakers, Motor Starters and Feeders
  • Serial communications analysis to DCS and SCADA including cable path bonding and communications check

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Wilkins Engineering is a recognized leader in electric utility construction providing comprehensive electrical construction services.

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